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Research Projects for Graduate et Postgraduate Students

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Why doing a research project at INRS? One of the key things that sets INRS apart is that the research we conduct is the result of close collaboration between professors and their multidisciplinary teams, made up of postdoctoral researchers, research associates, professors, and students. For graduate and postgraduate students, a research project is an excellent way to gain scientific training at the graduate level at a unique, state-of-the-art university that may ultimately become topic of a master's or doctoral dissertation.
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Water, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre





Green Energy, New Materials and Advanced Technologys
Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre


Electrochemical reduction of CO2 on chemically modified metal electrodes (PhD in Science of Materials and Energy) 

Research Supervisor : Ana Tavares


Ferroelectric tunnel junctions, synthesis and characterization

Research Supervisor : Andreas Peter Ruediger


Next generation smart nanomaterials (MSc or PhD in Materials Science)

Research Supervisor : Alain Pignolet


Optimization of a Laser-Generated Proton Beam System and Applications (MSc or PhD in Science of Materials and Energy)

Research Supervisor : Patrizio Antici


Platform of new ionomers based on polynorbonene for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (MSc or PhD in Science of Materials and Energy)

Research Supervisor : Ana Tavares


Research and development for the manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies (PhD in Science of Materials and Energy and postdoc)

Research Supervisor : Marc Gauthier


Synthesis and characterization of metallic thin films/nanoparticules for the oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline medium (PhD in Science of Materials and Energy)

Research Supervisor : Ana Tavares





INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier Research Centre



Antiviral effects of nucleic acid polymers (NAP) in hepatitis B virus infections (HBV) (MSc in Virology and Immunology)

Research Supervisor : Patrick Labonté


Biology of the interactions between Leishmania parasites and the immune system (MSc or PhD in Virology and Immunology)

Research Supervisor : Albert Descoteaux


Chemical synthesis, extraction, purification and neuroprotective properties of anthocyanins (PhD in Biology)

Research Supervisor : Charles Gauthier


Elaboration of nanoparticles for application in neurosciences (PhD in Biology)

Research Supervisor : Charles Ramassamy


Morphological and functional remodeling of the cytoplasm by Dengue and Zika viruses (MSc or PhD student in Virology and Immunology)

Research Supervisor : Laurent Chatel-Chaix

Study of hematopoietic stem cells in chronic infections (MSc or PhD in virology and immunology)
Research Supervisor : Krista Heinonen
Research Supervisor : Charles Calmettes
Structural and functional basis of outer-membrane biogenesis (MSc in applied microbiology or PhD in Biology)
Research Supervisor : Charles Calmettes
Research Supervisor : Charles Gauthier


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