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Master's, Doctorates and other graduate programs

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INRS offers distinct and highly specialized programs (master's, doctorates, short programs, dual degree programs and post-graduated certification) with research or without. It also offers programs with professional profiles. Our graduate programs aim to develop knowledge and know-how to protect, conserve and enhance water and land resources, create the materials, technologies and communications of the future, improve human, animal and environmental health, and enrich knowledge about the social and cultural realities of today.




Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre



Master’s in Water Sciences (program with research) / 3672

Master’s in Water Sciences (professional program) / 3748

      INRS – ISHÉDD Dual Degree Program / 1678

      INRS – ISHÉDD Dual Degree Program (professional) / 1678

Master’s in Earth Sciences (program with research) / 3526

Professional Master’s Program in Earth Sciences - Environmental Technologies (professional program) / 3525

Doctorate in Water Sciences / 3461

Doctorate in Earth Sciences / 3527


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Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre



Master's in Energy Science and Materials / 3731

INRS – UPS Dual Degree Program (plasma) / 1678

Master's in Telecommunications (program with research) / 3404

Professional Master's in Telecommunications (professional program) / 3604

Doctorate in Energy Science and Materials / 3732

Doctorate in Telecommunications / 3670


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INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier Research Centre


Master's in Applied Microbiology / 3631

Master's in Virology and Immunology / 3695

Master's in Experimental Health Sciences / 3825

Doctorate in Virology and Immunology / 1749

Doctorate in Biology / 3805


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Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre


Master's in Demography / 2076

Master's in Urban Studies (with research)  / 3854

Master's in Urban Studies (with research internship)  / 3855

Master's in Research Practices and Public Action / 3086

Doctorate in Demography / 3076

Doctorate in Urban Studies / 3895

2e cycle short program in analysis of spatial data / 0894
2e cycle short program in knowledge mobilization and partner research in social sciences / 0772
2e cycle short program in mobilization and knowledge transfer / 0886
Specialized graduate diploma (DESS) in research practices and public action / 1886


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