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Marc A. Gauthier

Better "Biologics" – Better Therapies

Chaires, groupes et réseaux


Prof Marc A Gauthier is:


FRQS Research Scholar (junior 1) since 2014


President of the Canadian Chapter of the Controlled Release Society 


Secratary of the Canadian Biomaterials Society


Group photo summer 2016. From left to right: Prof. Marc A Gauthier, Dr. Tom Congdon, Dr. Andrea Greschner, Fabian Ambriz-Vargas, Esen Sokullu, Fatemeh Zare, Nabilah Zuberi, Bianca Rakeja. Missing: Dr. Xavier Ropagnol, Dr. Xu Geng, Ahlem Zaghmi, Sharifun Nahar, Jalal Abdul-Hadi, Dr. Anees Palapuravan (from Nov 2016), Ahlem Meziadi (from Jan 2017)

Group photo X-mas 2017.



Current Group Members


Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Tom Congdon


Tom joined the group in March 2016, and is developing advanced polymer-protein bioconjugates for anti-cancer applications. Tom hails from the UK where, at the University of Warwick, he received his PhD under with Prof. Matthew Gibson, and then worked as a post-doc for Prof. David Haddleton. Tom's research interests lie in all things polymer chemistry, and their biological interactions and applications. In addition, Tom is currently conducting an in-depth study of all the new and different beer and ciders available this side of the Atlantic.

Dr. Xu Geng

(Co-supervisor Prof. Fiorenzo Vetrone)


Xu is a postdoctoral fellow of Prof. Marc A. Gauthier. His research project involves the development of functional carbon dots for biological applications. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from East China Normal University (Shanghai, China) in 2012. During his Ph.D. research he studied targeted drug delivery systems.

Scholarship: China Scholarship Council

Dr. Andrea Greschner


Andrea has been a post-doc with Dr Gauthier since Summer 2014, studying the effects of non-ionizing radiation on biomolecules. She did her doctorate studies at McGill (in Montreal), on DNA nanostructures. In addition to a PhD, Montreal also provided her with a husband, some excellent friends, and a condo for her extremely spoiled parrot.

Scholarships: FRQNT, FRQS, CIHR, Chu Family Scholarship, I3NA

Dr. Anees Palapuravan


Anees arrived in November, just in time for this year's first snow storm.

Scholarships: FRQS

Dr. Xavier Ropagnol


Xavier is French (Normandy) and stepped into the footsteps of his ancestors by crossing the pond, though using a plane rather than a sailboat. He loves Quebec so much, that he decided to stay and study physics. He loves what can't be seen. As a consequence, he works with terahertz waves. He is the specialist of Twaves (or far infrared waves) and all their applications.

Dr. Hoda Soleymani


Hoda joined the group in June 2017. She is studying the characteristics of concentrated protein solutions to solve their associated formulation problems. Hoda did her doctorate studies at the University of Alberta, on polymer-based drug delivery system as a tool for overcoming drug resistance in breast cancer. Hoda’s research interests encompass pharmaceutics, drug formulation, cancer biology and treatment. In addition, Hoda enjoys listening to classical music, doing martial arts, and reading novels.

Scholarships: NSERC


PhD Students

Jalal Abdul-Hadi

(Co-supervisor Prof. Muthukumaran Packirisamy)


Fabian Ambriz-Vargas

(Principal supervisor Prof. Andreas Ruediger)


Fabian obtained his M.Sc. in metallurgical engineering from the Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico. He started his PhD at INRS-EMT in 2015. He investigates ferroelectric tunnel junctions for ultra-fast and high density non-volatile memories. His fields of interest are thin film growth, materials physics of complex oxides, and nanoscale characterization of domains, switching, and polarization dynamics in ferroelectric materials.

Scholarships: Conacyt, FRQNT

Ahlem Meziadi


Ahlem joined Marc’s research team in Jan 2017 as a PhD student. She holds a Chem Eng degree from « l’Université Libre de Tunis » since 2016. She is highly interested in material science and advanced organic chemistry mechanisms. She is currently developing new physical approaches to improve the grafting polymers to therapeutic proteins. She strongly believes that challenges are necessary for a healthy life. Her favorite quote is: « It seems impossible until it is done!»

Sharifun Nahar


Sharifun comes from Bangladesh, where she pursued sn undergraduate and masters in Biochemistry. She is working to modify an enzyme, while exploring a new ultrahigh throughput method for library screening. Besides learning more about science, she likes cooking, watching cricket matches and spending time with her two daughters. She is inspired by the saying “if there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Scholarship: JSPS MITACS

Esen Sokullu

(Principal supervisor Prof. Tsuneyuki Ozaki)

Ahlem Zaghmi


Ahlem is Tunisian and came to Canada in Autumn 2014 after completing a Masters at the Pasteur Institute in Tunis. She's a biologist who also enjoys chemistry. Right now, she's working on bio-conjugates for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Outside the lab, she enjoys being with friends, shopping, and traveling, but most of all watching a movie with her beloved husband (living in Sweden ...so far away).

Scholarship: Tunisian Ministry of Education

Fatemeh Zare


Fatemeh came to the lab from Iran in the winter of 2016. She has a Master’s degree in Polymer Chemistry and is working on oxidation-responsive drug delivery systems as a PhD student. In her spare time, she likes to write, watch movies, try different foods, and visit new places.









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