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Satinder Kaur Brar

Bioconversion and emerging contaminants

Professor Brar specializes in research and development in the field of treatment of municipal, industrial and agricultural wastes, and recovery of different bioproducts, such as biopesticides, enzymes, biocontrol agents, biofuels (biodiesel, biobutanol and biohydrogen) and platform chemicals (e.g. citric acid, fumaric acid, acrolein) to obtain products with high yield. She also works in the field of green chemistry to find eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic compounds used in the food industry (e.g. nitrites and nitrates). She has been successful in developing bioflocculants for brewery fermentation and juice clarification processes. Her areas of expertise include industrial microbiology, environmental chemistry, bioprocessing, agro-food engineering and use of wastes into high value-added products, control and disposal of sludge organic pollutants, and the development and transfer of technologies.


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La professeure Satinder Kaur Brar dans un de ses laboratoires

La professeure Satinder Kaur Brar dans un de ses laboratoires