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Labs and Facilities

The Centre Eau Terre Environnement's array of analytical equipment and tools is among the most comprehensive and flexible in Canada. The main facilities include specialized research laboratories, large-scale laboratories, mobile facilities, and a wilderness research station.

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The research laboratories are located in downtown Québec City while the large-scale laboratories are located in the Québec Metropolitan Technology Park. These can be used to scale up innovative technologies that have been developed in partnership with industry.


Additionally, a partnership between the Centre Eau Terre Environement and the Quebec division of the Geological Survey of Canada gives the research community shared access to high quality geoscience laboratories.


All these facilities support innovative and applied research associated with hydrology, biogeochemistry, geosciences, and environmental decontamination and waste conversion. 




Centre Eau Terre Environnement

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♦ Shared services

The research laboratories comprise a general laboratory and several specialized laboratories as well as rooms for microscopy and sample preparation. The specialized laboratories allow for the analysis of water samples (by colorimetry, fluorometry, radio-isotopy, and chromatography), the analysis of organic compounds and trace metals contained in various matrices, and the analysis of different elements contained in solid samples.


♦ Multidisciplinary laboratories and equipment


♦ Aquatic biogeochemistry laboratories

  • Bio-optical and microbial ecology
  • Detection and quantification of trace metals in samples taken from aquatic environments
  • Ecotoxicogenomics and endocrine disruption


♦ Environmental decontamination and waste reclamation laboratories

  • Environmental biotechnologies 
  • Environmental electrotechnologies and oxidative processes
  • Contaminant hydrogeology
  • Mobile laboratory for environmental technologies


♦ Geoscience laboratories


♦ Remote sensing laboratory

  • Environmental remote sensing using drones
  • Remote sensing and geomatics


♦ Urban hydrology laboratory