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Magalie Quintal Marineau

Indigenous Geographies

Géographies des relations autochtones/allochtones, Approches critiques du développement nordique, Économie et travail, Approches féministes

Research Internship at INRS

Part-time – Fall 2019*



Description: Provide support to interdisciplinary research projects led by the researcher. Brief description of the projects:


  • Economic activities, work and identity in the Inuit Nunangat. This research aims to examine work preferences and patterns among Inuit in Nunavut in the context of Inuit mixed economy. Different categories of work are explored: land-based, domestic, waged, etc.
  • Economic arrangements within Inuit families, ilagiit, and resources sharing. This project focuses on economic disparities / inequalities within families in Nunavut. By focusing on the flow of different economic resources (not limited to money), the project explores the relationship between sharing mechanisms and family structure.



Qualifying skills:

  • Review of scientific and government literature
  • Experience with Statistics Canada databases, Institut de la statistique du Québec, etc.
  • Analyzing and synthesizing skills
  • Strong interest in Indigenous research
  • Good level skills on Microsoft office suite
  • Excellent communication skills verbally and in writing in English and in French



Location:Centre Urbanisation Culture Société, 385, rue Sherbrooke Est, Montréal (Québec)


Duration:10 to 15 weeks part-time – schedule to be determined according to student availability


Professor:Magalie Quintal-Marineau




  • Master's or PhD student in social sciences or humanities



Submit your file:

Students must submit their resume, research interest, and transcript by email to Magalie Quintal-Marineau (