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Luca Razzari


nanophotonics, nonlinear optics, terahertz spectroscopy

Research interests

Professor Razzari is interested in investigating the fundamental aspects of radiation-matter interactions on unusual temporal and spatial scales, in view of creating novel tools for photonic applications.


To this end, he exploits the ultrafast (down to few femtoseconds) and ultra-broadband (from ultraviolet to terahertz) nature of nanoplasmonics, which studies the interaction of electromagnetic fields with metallic nanostructures. Nanoplasmonics is able to bring light down to the nanoscale, strongly enhancing the local electric field, and thus carries great promises for an effective miniaturization of photonic technologies and for the on-chip integration of linear and nonlinear optical functions with state-of-the-art electronic circuits.


Professor Razzari also employs ultrafast terahertz pulses (1 THz corresponds to 1 picosecond in time and 300 microns in wavelength) for spectroscopic applications. These studies aim at exploring the intriguing physics at the border between the quasi-static (classical) approximation for the terahertz field and its quantum counterpart, which considers the terahertz wave being composed of photons.

Terahertz radiation oscillates at frequencies that ideally bridge the gap between the operating regimes of electronics and the realm of photonics. 


Open positions

Positions with financial support are currently available at the PhD/Postdoctoral level on the development of novel nanophotonic concepts and devices for photonics. We are looking for highly motivated, creative students with a university degree in a relevant discipline (physics, physical engineering, electrical engineering or equivalent). They should have willingness to work in a team and undertake independent learning. Previous experience in numerical modeling of electromagnetic processes and/or in advanced optical setup development will be an asset.


If interested, please send your CV by e-mail to



A.      Journal articles

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