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INRS scholarships

INRS University has its own scholarship programs. Students who are registered in the fields of pure and applied science, and social sciences are eligible for these programs.


Scholarship Program for students registered in applied and pure science programs

Scholarship Program for students registered in social science programs


For more information on INRS scholarship programs, please contact the Research Centre where you would like to study.



Outside scholarships

INRS encourages its students to take advantage of scholarship programs from private and public funding agencies. To get an idea of scholarship opportunities, visit the Outside Scholarshipspage (French only) for information about the outside merit scholarships available to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.



Financial support for scientific and academic projects

Would you like to get financial support for projects designed to promote student scientific activities, including organizing symposiums, seminars, and laboratory tours? INRS offers financial support for projects that help improve the quality of life at the research centres, specifically those that encourage healthy eating habits and a physically active lifestyle. Our university has a program to encourage student initiative and creativity in designing and implementing major projects.


Financial support for scientific or academic projects (French only)


To request financial assistance, please contact Ms. Sylvie Richard:

Sylvie Richard, Registrar

490 de la Couronne Street

Quebec City, QC  G1K 9A9



Telephone: 418 654-2518

Email :



Scholarships for international students and Canadian students from outside Quebec

INRS University offers a work-study program for registered graduate and postgraduate international students in financial need due to exceptional circumstances so they may continue their education.


Work-study program for international students

Application for international student work-study program


Tuition exemption program for international students and Canadian students from outside Quebec to support internationalization of education