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Research Projects

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Professor Daniel Guay of Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Center, with one of his students © Christian Fleury

One of the key things that sets INRS apart is that the research we conduct is the result of close collaboration between professors and their multidisciplinary teams, made up of postdoctoral researchers, research associates, professors, and students.


For graduate and postgraduate students, a research project is an excellent way to gain scientific training at the graduate level at a unique, state-of-the-art university that may ultimately become the topic of a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.


Pursuing graduate and postgraduate studies at INRS means:

→ Working as a member of a research team

→ Having access to facilities with the latest cutting edge technology

→ Enjoying ready access to our topnotch professors



To see the research projects, graduate scholarships, and summer fellowships currently offered at our four INRS research and training centres, please click under a link below.


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Please note that professors at the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre instead offer graduate scholarships and summer fellowships on specific themes associated with the Centre’s current ongoing research.